Asian female engineer working in solar power station

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Asian female engineer working in solar power station

Fundamentals of Sustainability and Technology

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What are green and technology skills anyway?

Green and technology skills combine cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence (Al) and data analytics with business know-how to tackle the biggest sustainability challenges.

Imagine using data to understand how heat waves impact the crops we grow or energy usage tracking to counter greenhouse gas emissions. By using this information and knowledge, we can contribute to a healthier planet.

Many industries, including engineering, retail, transportation, and product design are looking for professionals who can help build a more sustainable future—and demand is growing.

forty percent

The global demand for green skills rose by 40% since 2015, but only 13% of the labor workforce possesses the skills that organizations need.

three point three billion

The 2023 UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Report identified that 3.3 billion people across the globe live in areas vulnerable to significant impacts from climate change.

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Which jobs require green and technology skills?

Here are a few examples of professional fields where green and technology skills are increasingly in demand.

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