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Available software

Software & cloud access

Get enhanced access to the IBM Cloud, the cloud platform that offers a choice of scalable and flexible resources in one consistent experience. Bringing together APIs and services, IBM Cloud offers a rich and continuously expanding ecosystem of services to accelerate the pace of innovation.

IBM Cloud

IBM Cloud is a full-stack cloud platform that spans public, private and hybrid environments


Analytical decision support toolkit for rapid development and deployment of optimization models

SPSS Modeller

Find opportunities, improve efficiency and minimize risk using the advanced statistical analysis capabilities of IBM SPSS software

IBM Cognos Analytics

Your trusted co-pilot for smarter analytics and confident decisions


A modular security suite, helps security teams gain visibility to quickly detect, investigate and respond to threats


Explore the trusted IBM Db2 Database on a modern data and AI platform to ease data management, making data available anywhere for deeper insights

Digital credentials

Show what you know with digital credentials.

As you complete courses, earn digital credentials and display your new skills to the world.

Guest lectures

Guest lectures

Explore our library of university guest lectures to deepen your knowledge with experts around the world.
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