Cybersecurity Professional

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As businesses, institutions, and governments adapt to a fast-paced global market, threat actors are adopting new tactics to infiltrate organizations. On this learning path, gain core skills for threat intelligence, including network security, incident response, and cybersecurity tools.

Cybersecurity Professional

At a glance

  • Learn the basics of cybersecurity and IT tools
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials
  • Complete a fundamental course in 6 hours

Help keep computer information systems—and the users who rely on them—secure

Cybersecurity professionals work for organizations to keep computer information systems secure. They analyze security needs, determine who requires access to what information, and help coordinate information security programs.

Some examples of jobs that require cybersecurity skills:

  • Security operations center analyst
  • Incident responder
  • Threat analyst
  • Security consultant
  • Security analyst
  • Penetration tester

Learn new skills to join the growing cybersecurity sector

3.5 million plus

There will be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2025. India alone is expected to have more than 1.5 million job vacancies in cybersecurity by 2025.

35 percent growth

Jobs for information security analysts are slated to grow by 35%, compared to an average 4% growth rate for other occupations.

Build core skills for a cybersecurity role

This course will take you through core skills required for a rewarding role in cybersecurity. Among other things, you will learn how to:

Prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks

Respond to real-world cybersecurity cases with incident responses and forensics skills

Apply critical compliance and threat intelligence concepts

Leverage industry specific, open-source security tools

Earn verified professional credentials

Digital credentials are verified proof of your subject matter expertise. Once you earn your credentials from IBM, you can share them on your LinkedIn page or resume. Potential employers will review your credentials to validate your competency in critical skill areas.

Course Journey

1. Awareness

Learn about the basics of cybersecurity

2. Comprehension

Dive deeper into the field, and demonstrate your new skills

3. Application*

Learn about applying your new skills on the job with project-based learning

*Application courses are only available to users associated with certain programs within IBM SkillsBuild partner organizations.

Cybersecurity Analyst certificate

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