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Project manager

Think of project management as the art and science of making things happen. Project managers are detail-oriented problem solvers who motivate and lead a project team to deliver a client's solution. They initiate, plan, execute, and monitor projects that lead to success.

Project Manager

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Project managers are in demand

eighty-eight million

By 2027, employers will need nearly 88 million individuals in project management-oriented roles.

seventy-five percent

China and India will represent more than 75% of the total project management-oriented employment.

Start building core skills for a project management role

Initialize and plan projects

Develop project schedules and monitor budgets

Track and report on project deliverables

Lead the team and manage stakeholder relationships

Manage contracts, risks, and changes

Apply project management processes and tools

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Course Journey

1. Awareness

Learn about the basics of project management

2. Comprehension

Dive deeper into the field, and demonstrate your new skills

3. Application*

Learn about applying your new skills on the job with project-based learning

*Application courses are only available to users associated with certain programs within IBM SkillsBuild partner organizations.

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