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With over 14 billion devices connected to the internet – from computers and tablets to servers and routers - there’s a critical need to keep them working every day. Who gets the call when they suddenly stop working? Here on IBM SkillsBuild, you will learn about the technicians who take that call. Through these IT support courses you will start building the skills they use to troubleshoot and fix all kinds of issues technology devices might have.

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What is it like to work in IT support?

Learn from IT support professionals what it’s like to work in this exciting and fast-growing area. Consider taking the IT support courses available on IBM SkillsBuild!

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    Learn IT support basics like terminology, hardware/software, and troubleshooting concepts and principles that IT support technicians use every day.

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    Use these free resources and activities to help your students learn how to solve technical issues with hardware and software and explore IT support career paths.

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