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The Navigator

Navigators work smarter, not harder. Meticulous and organized, you find the most efficient route to any technical course of action. You steer through small problems to avoid bigger ones. Navigators thrive in detail-oriented roles involving data management, neural network administration, and workflow/AI automation.

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Learning matches

Personalized courses for Navigators

Explore these courses on IBM SkillsBuild and get a preview of the free learning available to you. Gain foundational knowledge of tech and workplace skills with these on-the-go learning paths.

AI Fundamentals

Deep dive into ways that AI makes predictions, understands language and images, and learns using circuits inspired by the human brain.

Cybersecurity Fundamentals

Learn cybersecurity concepts, objectives, and practices, including types of attacks, social engineering, cryptography, and common approaches organizations take to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber-attacks.

Data Fundamentals

Learn data science concepts, methods, and practice with hands-on simulations, using IBM Watson Studio with the data refinery tool.

Career matches

Find your future with Navigator job roles

IT Auditor

Conducts internal audits of the development cycle, and cybersecurity procedures to ensure compliance with IT policies and regulations.

Systems Analyst

Identifies the organizational improvements needed, design systems to implement changes, train others and solve business problems using information technology.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Gathers and analyzes data to produce market intelligence and finance reports used to highlight patterns and trends to support decision-making.

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