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The Creator

Creators are all about expression. Intuition is king, and your greatest asset is the ability to uniquely bring creative tech visions to life. To you, it isn't a matter of fashion versus function. The beauty is in how they technologically come together. Creators excel in roles involving computer vision/AI, user experience, and multimedia design.

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Personalized courses for Creators

Explore these courses on IBM SkillsBuild and get a preview of the free learning available to you. Gain foundational knowledge of tech and workplace skills with these on-the-go learning paths.

AI Fundamentals

Deep dive into ways that AI makes predictions, understands language and images, and learns using circuits inspired by the human brain.

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Learn the basics of cloud computing, service models, deployment models, software, and the many ways businesses benefit from cloud technology.

Design Thinking Practitioner

Learn to design thinking at the speed and scale demanded by a modern enterprise, and get access to the tools you need to practice human-centered design every day.

Career matches

Find your future with Creator job roles

User Interface (UI) Designer

Creates the look of a website by designing interfaces, digital layouts and webpages from the user's point of view, ensuring the design is user-friendly.

Multimedia Developer

Designs, develops and delivers products that incorporate sound, video, text and graphics in one interactive application for the end user.

Game Developer

Codes visual elements, programs features, and tests applications, from the concept to when a game is ready for market.

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