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Prepare every student for the world of work.

Enhance your existing curriculum, get support for your staff, and bring critical technical and professional skills learning to every student you support.

Free tools to help you do what you do, even better

Give your students access to learning from tech leaders

Your students and educators will get access to a library of learning content aligned to in-demand technology and professional skills, and be able to earn industry- recognized digital credentials.

Unlock free administrative tools for your staff

Give your educators, counselors, and staff the ability to track and report on student progress, create custom learning plans, and add external content to the SkillsBuild library.

Get custom support for your organization from IBM

Organizations that meet basic SkillsBuild platform usage requirements will receive custom support from our team, to help you maximize your use of the platform—for free.

Partnership criteria

IBM SkillsBuild may be right for your organization or school if

  • Your school or organization supports young people, aged 13 to 18.
  • You are able to register at least 10 students and one teacher or faculty member.
  • Your organization or school supports historically under-
resourced communities.
  • You’re looking for an all-in-one platform to support technology and professional skills learning at your school or organization.
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My experience has been nothing short of enriching. The first course I took on AI reminded me how important it is to continue researching Artificial Intelligence as a force for societal good. I spent the summer with SkillsBuild and I can say it was a summer well-spent.
Isai Ricon, 12th Grade Senior

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