Journey to Cloud: envisioning your solution


Acquire high-demand skills in enterprise cloud adoption planning – giving you access to thousands of jobs available in the market today.

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The fast-growing talent gap in organizations embarking on digital transformation is an opportunity for aspiring professionals striving for a competitive advantage in the market.

Cloud adoption involves more than just buying a service; it requires having a carefully laid plan and strategy.

Looking for a job?

Understand how companies today use cloud computing in their digital transformation journeys; start the path o acquire high-demand skills required to join exciting new projects across multiple lines of business using the power of hybrid cloud technologies – giving you access to thousands of jobs available in the market today.

Looking for a better job?

If you already have a job and work experience in a specific field, use this course to explore the power of cloud to transform your organization. Leverage your domain specialization to present new ideas to your team, and lead new initiatives fueled by the power of cloud technologies.


Foundations of cloud for business

For organizations embarking on digital transformation using cloud technologies, finding the necessary talent can be a formidable obstacle. This situation has left companies at risk of losing valuable time and opportunity, with disappointing results from poor implementations.


  • Consumer applications
  • Enterprise adoption
  • Delivery models
  • Industry examples
  • Architectural Models

Learning outcomes

  • Describe the role that cloud computing plays in the digital modernization journey of organizations today.
  • Identify market disruptions brought by cloud adoption in the enterprise
  • Understand the key technical and organizational challenges of cloud adoption.
  • Articulate the concepts, characteristics, delivery models and benefits of cloud computing.
  • Use transformation strategies such as the IBM Garage Method and Enterprise Design Thinking to create a user empathy map and business framing exercise.
  • Deploy a pilot cloud application using IBM Code Engine.

Course experience

This course is divided into three modules. Each module covers more advanced topics and builds up on top of the concepts, practice, and skills addressed in the previous modules.

Module 1: Digital Transformation with Cloud Computing

  • About this Module
  • Topic 1: The New Digital Age
  • Topic 2: What is Cloud
  • Topic 3: Benefits of Cloud Computing
  • Topic 4: Cloud Delivery Models
  • Topic 5: Cloud Service Types
  • Summary & Resources
  • Quiz

Module 2: Cloud Adoption Journey: Ideation Practices

  • About this Module
  • Topic 1: Cloud Transformation with the IBM Garage Method
  • Topic 2: Frame Your Business Opportunity
  • Topic 3: Embracing User-Centric Design
  • Summary & Resources
  • Quiz

Module 3: Deploy a Pilot Application in IBM Code Engine

  • About this Module
  • Case Study 1: Defining our Minimal Viable Product
  • Milestone 1: Build & Deploy a Pilot Cloud App
  • Milestone 2: Generate Traffic
  • Summary & Resources
  • Quiz


Skills you will need to have before joining this course offering.

  • Basic IT Literacy skills*

Recommended read

Depending on your current level of expertise, a thorough understanding of the subjects covered in this course may require additional self-study on computer science fundamentals including: Compute, Networks, Client-server architecture, Software, APIs, and Virtualization.

Please use the link below to go to our IBM cloud concepts taxonomy

*Basic IT Literacy — Refers to skills required to operate at the user level a graphical operating system environment such as Microsoft Windows® or Linux Ubuntu®, performing basic operating commands such as launching an application, copying and pasting information, using menus, windows and peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard. Additionally, users should be familiar with internet browsers, search engines, page navigation, and forms.

Digital credential


Journey to Cloud Envisioning Your Solution Badge

Journey to Cloud: Envisioning Your Solution

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About this certificate

This credential earner demonstrates knowledge and understanding of the digital transformation drivers made possible by cloud technologies and services. This include – how cloud works, its capabilities, types, and delivery models (IaaS, SaaS, and PaaS); digital transformation strategies such as Agile practices, the IBM Garage Method, and Enterprise Design Thinking to help organizations get started on their transformation journey; & deploying a test pilot cloud application using IBM Code Engine.


API, Application Deployment, Application Testing, Business Framing, Cloud Adoption, Cloud Computing, Cloud Migration, Create a Pilot Cloud Application, Digital Transformation, Digital Transformation Drivers, Empathy Mapping, Enterprise Design Thinking, Hybrid Cloud, IaaS, IBM Code Engine, IBM Garage Methodology, Introduction to Agile Practices, Legacy IT Architecture, Microservices, Minimal Viable Product, PaaS, Private Cloud, Public Cloud, SaaS


  • Complete the self-paced online course, Getting started with cloud for the Enterprise, which is made available in the IBM Academic Initiative portal.
  • Pass the final course assessment.