DevOps for enterprise business agility


This course exposes the learner to a new joint practice for business agility combining development and operations.

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Seif paced Cloud DEBA

Acquire a new way of thinking, leveraging cloud-based open source technologies that allows for the automation of the testing, integration and delivery – giving you access to millions of jobs available in the market today.

Looking for a job?

Companies are looking for professionals to be part of their digital transformation journey—through the adoption of an agile culture.

Looking for a better job?

If you already have work experience in a specific field, use this course to advance in your career; get exposed to different roles inside an organization adopting DevOps to accelerate their route to market – gaining industry insights on how to solve real challenges within the enterprise.


Why DevOps?

DevOps is an enterprise capability for continuous software delivery and management that enables organizations to innovate rapidly to capitalize on new market opportunities and reduce the cycle time to collect and react to customer feedback.


  • DevOps
  • Agile Culture
  • Pipelines

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the benefits of DevOps for the enterprise
  • Explore DevOps frameworks such as the IBM Cloud Garage Method
  • Understand key concepts such as Continuous Integration, Delivery, Availability, and Deployment
  • Explore an end-to-end case study of an airline affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and the team dynamics as they embark on an accelerated journey to DevOps cloud adoption to enable new business models
  • Role-play the interdepartmental responsibilities within an enterprise between, a Vice-president, the Cloud transformation leader, a design researcher and a microservices developer
  • Interact with the IBM public cloud toolchain to explore delivery pipelines for continuous delivery
  • Acquire hands-on experience in leading open-source services for DevOps linked through a pipeline in the IBM Cloud, including: Cloud Foundry, GitHub, Sauce labs, Orion Web IDE. PagerDuty, Eclipse Orion Web IDE, and Slack.

Course experience

About this course

This course has one practice level.

Level 1 — DevOps agile culture

Build business-ready cloud solutions using DevOps toolchains.

  1. 1. DevOps framework
  2. 2. Explore toolchains


Skills you will need to have before joining this course offering.

Complete the Getting started with cloud for the Enterprise course from the Cloud Practitioner series.

Alternatively, you will need prior knowledge of the following subjects before joining this course:

  • Understand the evolution and impact of cloud computing in the world today
  • Explore cloud by industry domains: retail, media, and communication, telecom, media and entertainment, financial services
  • Explore end-to-end case studies for every key cloud industry and identify common patterns: Public cloud, Private cloud, Hybrid cloud
  • Understand technical aspects of cloud solutions: SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS.


Depending on your current level of expertise, additional self-study on Computer Science fundamentals maybe required to thoroughly understand some of the subjects covered in this course, including APIs, Development lifecycle, and Microservices.

Please use the link below to go to our IBM cloud concepts taxonomy:

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DevOps for Enterprise Business Agility Badge

DevOps for Enterprise business agility

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This badge earner has completed all the learning activities included in this online learning experience, including hands-on experience, concepts, methods, and tools related to the business application of cloud computing technologies for the enterprise. The individual has demonstrated skills and understanding of the new joint practice for DevOps business agility combining development and operations topics including: DevOps, Agile culture, and the use of toolchains for continuous delivery.


Airline industry, Cloud, Cloud computing, Cloud Garage, Continuous Delivery, DevOps insights, DevOps, Digital Transformation, Eclipse IDE, GitHub, IBM Cloud, PagerDuty, SauceLabs, Slack, Toolchains.


  • Must attend a training session at a higher education institution implementing the IBM Skills Academy program
  • Must have completed the self-paced online course activities, and knowledge checks validating understanding of the covered topics.