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CyberDay4Girls aims to promote awareness of cybersecurity as a career option globally among pre-teen and teenage girls.

Our Initiative

CyberDay4Girls provides core lessons, including Internet of Me, Securing the Internet of Things, Intro to Blockchain and Intro to Cryptography, along with supporting activities that reinforce learning. Girls learn how to protect their online identities, are introduced to the Internet of Things, engage in activities such as basic threat modelling, and have an opportunity to hear from experts about what it is like to work in the security industry.

Get involved

CyberDay4Girls is now available virtually! Are you a parent, teacher or community leader? Do you know middle or high school aged girls who would enjoy learning more about cybersecurity? If you do, read on.

Cybersecurity is more than hacking or coding. Cybersecurity is an exciting field with plenty of opportunity to continuously learn new skills. It is also a field in need of more women! Our virtual content is designed to introduce girls to the field of cybersecurity, including tips for staying safe online, the importance of securing the internet of things, a glimpse at career opportunities, and an introduction to cryptography.

Please email [email protected] and [email protected] to learn how to engage with us.

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