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Enterprise computing

In today's digital landscape, enterprise computing has become an essential component of modern businesses. In this learning path, you will gain core skills for managing and maintaining systems that support enterprise operations.

Systems administrator

At a glance

  • Learn the basics of enterprise computing
  • Earn industry-recognized credentials

Become an essential part of critical business operations

Banking, healthcare, and transportation companies are among the many industries that rely on powerful computer systems for critical functions of their business, such as processing credit card payments, storing medical records, and providing online reservation services.

Professionals in enterprise computing work “behind the scenes” to ensure business operating systems are reliable and secure.

Increased demand for roles in enterprise computing


Approximately 23,900 job openings for enterprise computing professionals are projected each year from 2021-2031.

6.1 billion dollars plus

The global mainframe market is projected to be worth over $6.1 billion by 2028.

Build core skills for an enterprise computing role

This course will take you through core skills required for a rewarding role in enterprise computing. Among other things, you will learn how to:

Troubleshoot common issues that may arise in enterprise computing environments

Perform system programming tasks on IBM zSystems, including upgrades and maintenance on the z/OS operating system

Perform security measurements to protect your systems from intrusion

Write scripts to automate tasks and simplify mainframe systems

Define the hardware, software, and operating system components of a mainframe system

Identify and describe the various hardware components of IBM zSystems, including processors, memory, storage, and input/output devices

Earn and showcase professional credentials

Digital credentials are verified proof of your subject matter expertise. Once you earn your credentials from IBM, you can share them on your LinkedIn page and resume. Potential employers will review your credentials to validate your competency in critical skill areas.

Course Journey

1. Awareness

Learn about the basics of enterprise computing.

2. Comprehension

Dive deeper into the field, and demonstrate your new skills

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