Getting started with enterprise grade AI


AI can execute tasks in arenas where learning and judgment is called for, including self-driving cars, insurance, HR, trading, accounting, and healthcare.

An accelerated embrace of AI is set to fundamentally change the job marketplace. According to the World Economic Forum, by 2022, AI in the workplace is expected to create 133 million new roles and displace 75 million existing job roles.

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Acquiring skills on AI will open a wide range of job opportunities, as roles in every industry will be touched by automation and AI.

Looking for a job?

Look for jobs where your domain knowledge can be combined with AI skills thus achieving a higher employment opportunity.

Looking for a better job?

If you already have a job ask yourself these questions. Is my job repetitive? Are there well-defined objectives to evaluate my job? Is there a large amount of data accessible to train an AI system?


This course covers the foundations of Artificial Intelligence for business.


  • AI evolution
  • AI industry adoption trends
  • Natural language processing
  • Virtual agents.

Learning outcomes:

  • Understand the evolution and relevance of Artificial Intelligence in the world today
  • Explore the intersection between human expertise and machine learning
  • Analyze existing and future implementations of AI solutions across multiple industries
  • Gain a competitive edge using low-code cloud based AI tools and pre-built ML algorithms
  • Understand AI technology building blocks, including: natural language processing, machine and deep learning, neural networks, virtual agents, robotics and computer vision
  • Understand the impact of AI in the job marketplace
  • Build conversational agents using AI-powered tools.

Course experience

About this course

This course is divided into two practice levels. Each level covers more advanced topics and builds up on top of the concepts, practice, and skills addressed in the previous practice levels.

Level 1 — Artificial Intelligence foundations

Understanding the application of AI technologies across different industries.

  1. 1. AI Landscape
  2. 2. AI Enterprise applications

Level 2 — AI Technologies

Build AI conversation agents to enrich client engagement across enterprise solutions.

  1. 1. Getting started with Watson Chatbots (interactive case study)


Skills you will need to have before joining this course offering.

  • Basic IT Literacy skills*

*Basic IT Literacy – Refers to skills required to operate at the user level a graphical operating system environment such as Microsoft Windows® or Linux Ubuntu®, performing basic operating commands such as launching an application, copying and pasting information, using menus, windows and peripheral devices such as mouse and keyboard. Additionally, users should be familiar with internet browsers, search engines, page navigation, and forms.

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Getting Started with Enterprise grade AI

Getting Started with Enterprise-grade AI

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This badge earner has completed all the learning activities included in this online learning experience, including hands-on experience, concepts, methods, and tools related to the artificial intelligence domain. The individual has demonstrated knowledge and understanding of the foundations of Artificial Intelligence for business, including the following topics: AI evolution, AI industry adoption trends, Natural language processing, and Virtual agents.


AI, AI history, AI industry adoption, AI in law, AI job market, Chatbots, Deep learning, Machine learning, NLP, Robotics, Self-driving cars, Visual recognition.


  • Complete the self-paced online course Getting Started with Enterprise-grade AI, which is made available in the IBM Academic Initiative portal
  • Pass the final course assessment.