Building Cloud-based mobile solutions for the enterprise


Whether your apps track stocks, book flights, monitor pandemics, or wildfires; they use #enterprise-cloud.

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The fast growing talent gap in organizations embarking on digital transformation is an opportunity for aspiring professionals striving for a competitive advantage in the market.

Looking for a job?

Gain new set of low-code cloud development skills, combine it with your industry expertise, and join a new wave of citizen developer professionals – ready to develop new mobile solutions – with access to millions of jobs available in the market today.

Looking for a better job?

If you already have a job and work experience in a specific field, use this course to select a specialization and advance your career. In this course, you will be playing different roles inside an organization adopting cloud for their digital transformation, solving real challenges within the enterprise, by leveraging cloud-based technologies.


Foundations of cloud for business

For organizations embarking on digital transformation using cloud technologies, finding the necessary talent can be a formidable obstacle. This situation has left companies at risk of losing valuable time and opportunity, with disappointing results from poor implementations.


  • Data services in the cloud
  • AI services in the cloud
  • Security practices for apps
  • Multi-channel approaches

Learning outcomes:

  • Explore an end-to-end case study of an airline affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, and its team dynamics – as they embark on an accelerated journey to cloud adoption to mitigate operational inefficiencies
  • Role-play the interdepartmental responsibilities within an enterprise; between Vice-presidents, Managers, and technical roles such as: Cloud applications builder, Database developer, Data scientist and the Cloud security engineer
  • Explore innovative low-code mobile app development tools, including: IBM Mobile Foundation, XCode, Android Studio, and open-source tools such as – Apache Maven
  • Understand how AI technologies can enhance customer engagement and personalization, by leveraging AI services available in the public cloud, including: Visual Recognition and Virtual Agents
  • Explore in-depth multiple database service configurations available in the public cloud for mobile apps implementation of NoSQL data storage and manipulation including: JanusGraph, MapReduce and Cloudant
  • Explore in-depth multiple cloud-based security service configurations for mobile applications including: two-way encryption, OAuth 2.0, JSON Web Token and use Twillio to enable 2-factor authentication.

This course exposes the learner to a range of underlying cloud technologies used for application development.

Course experience

About this course

This course is divided into three practice levels. Each level covers more advanced topics and builds up on top of the concepts, practice and skills addressed on the previous practice levels.

Level 1 — Data adoption

Understand the flexibility of adopting data capabilities – to and from cloud services.

  1. 1. Data in the cloud
  2. 2. Acme Airlines cloud adoption (interactive case study)
  3. 3. Maintenance crew cloud application (interactive case study)

Level 2 — User engagement

Increase application engagement by adding multi-channel and AI capabilities.

  1. 1. Cloud and AI
  2. 2. Add AI to the maintenance app (interactive case study)
  3. 3. Cloud for multi-channel (interactive case study)
  4. 4. Add multi-channel support (interactive case study)

Level 3 — App security

Seamlessly adopt two-factor authentication services through cloud providers.

  1. 1. Cloud security
  2. 2. Secure the maintenance app (interactive case study)

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Badge - Building Cloud-based Mobile Solutions for the Enterprise

Building cloud-based mobile solutions for the Enterprise

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About this certificate

This badge earner has completed all learning activities included in this online learning experience, including hands-on labs, concepts, methods and tools related to exploring the range of underlying cloud technologies used for application development. They demonstrate skills and understanding of the technologies behind the adoption of cloud for the enterprise including: Data services, AI cloud services, Security practices for cloud-based apps, and Multi-channel approaches for customer engagement.


Airline industry, App design, Citizen developer, Cloudant, Cloud computing, Covid-19, IBM Cloud,JanusGraph, JWT, Microservices, Mobile foundation, MRO operations, Multichannel, NoSQL, OAuth 2.0Twillio, Visual recognition, Watson assistant.


  • Must attend a training session at a higher education institution implementing the IBM Skills Academy program
  • Must have completed the self-paced online course activities, and knowledge checks validating understanding of the covered topics.